Inground Swimming Pools

Conceiving an idyllic pool or spa that masterfully marries beauty with functionality requires professional expertise. A seasoned pool and spa designer has the unique ability to transform innovative ideas into reality, producing spaces that fulfill the individual desires of every household member, whether that entails a tranquil sanctuary or a lively social hub. This is the essence of our partnership with 3D Outdoor Designs.

The Value of a Professional Designer

While some property owners may consider the DIY approach to pool and spa design, they often struggle to foresee how individual elements combine harmoniously, which can lead to costly errors. A comprehensive plan and budget are paramount, particularly for complex pool or spa projects. To ensure your dream is accurately realized, we employ 3D computerized models and professional videos. This advanced 3D outdoor design technique allows you to virtually step into your dream space before construction begins.

Designing to Your Budget

At Complete Pools & Spas, we appreciate that each client is distinct, as is their budget. We strive to create a personalized pool or spa that reflects you and heightens the natural allure of your surroundings, all the while keeping your budget in mind. We begin by determining your total budget, and then design a space within those confines. It’s crucial to remember that final costs can be influenced by your chosen materials, so we’ll work hand in hand to identify options that satisfy both your vision and your budget.

Your Expert Designer at Your Service

Our experienced designer, Carole-Ann Maltais, comes with a diverse skill set and extensive experience for every project. Her background in artistic training, construction knowledge, and proficiency in computer-generated design and animation offer a holistic perspective on pool and spa design. She prioritizes understanding her clients’ needs and wishes, transforming these insights into a visually impressive and practical reality.

Carole-Ann is committed to maintaining exceptional standards in every facet of her work, and she finds immense satisfaction in delivering excellent results. If you’re searching for a passionate and skilled pool and spa designer who can harness the power of 3D outdoor design to manifest your dream oasis, Carole-Ann is ready to assist. Let’s collaborate to create something genuinely remarkable.

Complete Pools & Spas, in collaboration with 3D Outdoor Designs, is passionate about transforming your pool and spa visions into reality with professionalism, innovation, and a personal touch. Reach out to us today to embark on your journey to your dream pool or spa.