North Bay Pool Construction

Steel and Vinyl Pools

Steel and vinyl pools for pool construction have become one of the more popular installation choices for Canadian consumers, and we are proud to specialize in this installation technique. Custom comes standard with Complete Pools and Spas, and you can be sure we will endeavour to execute your vision down to the inch. Our expert team works with the highest grade equipment and materials in the industry, while keeping apprised of all relevant technological advancements in the craft, to create the modern look you’re looking for in your burgeoning backyard oasis. 

Pool Construction

A steel panel structure will be established on-site, followed by a stone backfill, concrete subdeck and an initial concrete pour. The resulting steel and concrete shell is the housing for the vinyl liner. These vinyl liners have never been easier to maintain with the advent of automated cleaning/salt-water systems; our pools are also designed with longevity and modern aesthetic in mind, so you can relax and enjoy your pool day after day without concerning yourself with upkeep.  Should you want to change your liner, or if the liner becomes damaged, repairs and replacement are available at a minimum of expense and effort. Our team does all of this quickly, efficiently, and with a minimum of mess through the construction process. We prioritize the hassle-free experience for our customers.

ICF Pools

Due to current supply chain issues with materials for steel and vinyl pools, Complete Pools and Spas is happy to offer ICF (insulated concrete-form) pools. The ICF pool is more energy-efficient, durable and low maintenance, as well as being quicker and easier to build. If you have concerns related to build time, energy-efficiency and cost, you may be pleasantly surprised with our ICF pools.

Most energy loss with pools happens through the bottom and sides, as the ground conducts heat more readily than the air. An insulated concrete-form is, well, insulated, so it doesn’t experience this particular issue to the same degree as a standard vinyl/metal pool. Continuous insulation reduces heat loss by up to 60% and maintains the temperature of the pool at a consistent rate. Along with saving money on energy, you can enjoy your pool far later into the season, due to a more consistent ability to maintain a warm temperature.

As with any pool installation, the first step is excavation. Fortunately, the excavation does not need to be as precise as with other pool installations, as it is easy to backfill the space with concrete. You’ll also be happy to know that ICF pools can be easily built without heavy machinery. The footings are then laid to the builder’s specifications on height, etc. We then pour the concrete to fill the footings and create a level surface on which to stack the ICF blocks. The pool bottom starts with a smooth, compacting fill, followed by an insulating layer of water-proof foam. Then, it’s stacking time! The foam blocks are filled with concrete and stacked on the concrete base, according to your specifications. Once the shell is in-place, and filled with concrete, we recommend adding an extra vinyl layer, which will reduce leaks and make your pool even more durable over the long haul.

Landscape Features

A pool should highlight elements of the outdoor space, rather than detract from it, and as a result, our team of experts is highly concerned with creating the ideal outdoor space, no matter whether you’re hosting friends for BBQs every weekend, or relaxing and keeping fit with the family. We make a concerted effort to harmonize your new pool with the existing architecture of your home and backyard. We do fencing, decks, stonework, interlocking brick, water features, spas and hot tubs, retractable cover installation, lighting, and more. We work to ensure the long-term value of your backyard investment by providing a complete experience, from start to finish. 

Pool Construction